Laser Hair Removal for Face: Is It Worth Getting?

The average price of laser hair removal in Australia ranges from $20 to $250 per body part per session. Depending on a person’s hair thickness and color, the session may take 3 or over 10 with gap weeks in between. To an average income earner, the cost may take a substantial cut from the monthly budget.

Since unwanted hair (especially on visible areas) takes a toll on my body image, I decided to try laser hair removal. While waxing and shaving practically deliver the same result, laser hair removal is more convenient and results in a smoother skin.

Does Laser Hair Removal Permanently Remove Hair?

The short answer is no. Laser hair removal sends pulses of light energy that convert to heat. The heat then hits hair follicles that results in inhibition or delayed growth of new hair.

Laser hair removal does not permanently remove all unwanted hair, but it does help keep some hair stop from growing, and some others become thinner over time.

I first tried laser hair removal for underarms and I noticed the new hair strands were thinner after the second session. The difference is very minimal.

If you are not observant, you probably would say there was no change. However, after the fourth session, I was happy to report significant reduction of hair.

I was told that for some people, significant results were sooner (say after the second or third session). This is due to individual differences in hair thickness and response to treatment.

Seeing the results, I then decided to try it on my face.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe on Face?

Yes, it is generally a safe and effective treatment. I have read about the risks for laser hair removal include slight redness, irritation, and pain.

I noticed about the redness immediately after the session. But it dissipates over time. Major risks such as burns and scars rarely happen.

Our face skin is more sensitive, so clinics adjust the energy level of the laser device. I also wore protective goggles throughout the process to avoid eye damage.

During initial consultation, I was asked safety-related questions, such as whether I was pregnant or I had heightened sensitivity to pigmentation.

Laser treatments are not advisable to pregnant women or to hyper-reactive skin. Be honest with your doctor during assessment.

How Long Does Each Session Take?

Each session is pretty quick. It would take me about 15 minutes only to complete one visit. Between visits, there is a 6-week gap you need to observe.

Book an appointment in advance to avoid long waiting hours. Clinics prioritize scheduled appointments over walk-in customers.

Before the session starts, though, I had an initial consultation. The skin doctor performed an assessment, set my expectations, and determined the number of sessions for my underarm laser hair removal.

Depending on my response to treatment, the number of sessions may vary. It can be shorter or longer. I had a separate assessment done for my upper lip hair removal when I decided to have one later.

Was the Procedure Painful?

No, it was not at all painful. I found the treatment painless for both my upper lip and underarm hair removal, although I felt tingling sensations every time the laser hits my skin. I was grateful for the skin specialist who handled my treatment gently.

Also, in every visit, skin specialist shaves the area, then applies the cooling laser gel, which prevents burning of the skin and ensures uniform application of heat. If anything, I found the process ticklish.

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

The results may not be permanent but after your full sessions, you will see significant change. You barely need to shave or wax at all. Your skin is smoother, too!

Touch-up sessions may be required to keep the condition of your skin. You can practically get your treatment then later meet your friends. That is how convenient laser hair removal is. It is worth the price and the effort.

Getting Hydrafacial After my Laser Hair Removal

I don’t know about you but I’ve always had problems with dry skin. It started in my teenage years all the way to college – and my chosen profession didn’t exactly help matters.

I’m in pharmaceutical sales which means that I’m almost always on the road with no time to really focus on my skin care routine.

Oddly enough, the only reason I got hydrafacial in the first place is because I opted for laser hair removal along my top lip.

While I winced through the pain of laser hair removal, I also noted that the hydrafacial plumped up the rest of my skin. The change was obvious enough that I can ignore that patch of sensitive skin along my upper lip.

How does hydrafacial work?

I assumed hydrafacial was all about forcing the skin to take in moisture so it remains plump, elastic, and clear.

Going through the treatment, however, it was obvious that it was more than that. If you haven’t figured it out yet – hydrafacial is a form of facial and there are actually several types of those.

My dermatologist started with a consult, of course. After that, my skin was thoroughly cleaned and then gently scraped with a handheld device.

I’m told it’s a lot like dermabrasion where the outermost layer of the skin is gently scraped away so the young and fresh skin comes out.

Once that’s done, the pores are de-clogged and all the dirt stuck inside are removed. Hydration comes next where the skin is nourished using a special serum.

Since my pores have been cleaned of any dirt, the serum finds it easier to completely push through the skin.

The magic’s not done, though. After hydration, there are additional minerals placed onto the skin to target specific problems like sun spots, uneven skin tone, and fine wrinkle lines.

It really depends on how your skin looks and for me, I was given something that will help maintain the healthy skin. The whole process just took an hour or less and it was one of the most relaxing hours I ever had in my life.

Is it safe to take hydrafacial together with laser hair removal?

As I already said, I took hydrafacial during my laser hair treatment. Note though that I didn’t undergo both at the same time.

They were done on separate weeks since laser hair removal has to be scheduled a few weeks apart from each other to give the skin time to heal.

By sandwiching my hydrafacial between the laser hair removal treatments, I was able to get the most benefit from the treatment and lessen the sensitivity of my skin.

I’ve had both my hydrafacial and laser hair removal done in Point cook beauty salon and skin clinic, all under the same doctor. They told me other customers do the same thing all the time so I’m not really worried.

Is it painful?

No. There are zero after-effects of hydrafacial. In fact, I loved that the positive results are instantaneous. The moment I walked out of the clinic, I knew something really good happened to my skin.

I can only compare it to the feeling of putting on really expensive skin serum – but several times better. Of course, since the effect of hydrafacial isn’t permanent, this also means coming back once the benefits wear off.

Now, while my budget may not agree with multiple treatments – I’ve decided to use the hydrafacial as a “reset” button for my skin care routine. Basically, after going through the treatment, it’s now so much easier for me to commit.

This is because I can see exactly how much my skin can improve through constant care. Personally, I’d book myself for a hydrafacial at least three times a year or if I have to show up for a really big event.

What about skin sensitivities?

This is the beauty of hydrafacial – it works for any and all skin types. I have dry skin and it worked beautifully on me. A friend of mine who has oily skin went through the same treatment – and came out glowing!

There’s really no restriction to its use and since it’s non-invasive, there’s no downtime. Simply put – you can have hydrafacial during your lunch hour on a Monday and come back to the office in the afternoon without any problem.

How To Safely Use Your Massage Gun

You bought your massage gun and are excited to use it. However, you should know that improper use of this device can bring more pain than relief.

This does not happen often, especially if you read the manual and follow the instructions properly. Then you can really maximize the potential benefits of the best massage gun to buy in Australia.

Steps to Use Your Percussive Massager

  1. Turn on your massager but do not let it touch your body yet. You might want to check the pressure first so you will not be surprised by the intensity. 
  1. Rest the massage gun on your body. Even if your muscles hurt, you do not need to push it hard or apply any more pressure. The massager will apply the pressure you need.
  1. Let the device glide along the targeted muscle, moving slowly at around 1 inch per second or even less.
  1. If you have a specific knot that hurts more, then let the massage gun stay there a bit longer. Just make sure you also include the area around it. 

Basically, these are the 4 simple steps in using your massage gun. It does not sound like you can make many errors, right?

Well, there are people who do end up hurting themselves. I made this mistake myself because I did not follow the golden rule, which is to not apply any additional pressure.

The fact is, pushing the massager deeper into your muscles will cause pain and even lead to damaged tissues. 

Since I made this mistake, I have been careful about sticking to the basic steps of the massage gun. Beyond letting the device do the work (it will apply the pressure you need), I also know to avoid using it in the following situations:

When I Have Muscle Strain or a Sprain

I have been tempted to use the massage gun to deal with a pulled muscle, a muscle strain, or a ligament sprain, but this is not just a bad idea, but this is the worst way to use your massager.

The vibrations will cause more injury to the tissue and will cause you a lot of pain. Instead, follow the PRICE method (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) when you strain a muscle. Never use the massage gun without talking to your doctor or a therapist.

When I Have Some Inflammation

Inflammation happens when there is overstimulation of a specific area like a tissue, tendon, or the bursae (the fluid-filled sacks between the ligament and the bones). Massaging will only make the problem worse, so avoid using the massage gun on this spot specifically.

On Varicose Veins

I read on the manual of my massage gun that using this device on varicose veins is not only painful but it can be dangerous as well. The vibrations can damage the weak structure of the veins and lead to tearing or creating a clot.

In turn, a loose clot can cause a stroke or a heart attack. Moreover, if you are using blood thinners, you might want to talk to your doctor before you use a massager. 

When I Have A Fever

Not many people know that massages can increase body temperature. Thus, when I am sick or have a higher temperature, I generally wait to use the massage gun until the fever goes down.

Use Your Massage Gun Wisely and Safely

When you spend your money on devices like a percussive massager, you will want to enjoy its benefits. This happens when you use it properly and know when to avoid it.

In the same way that trained massage therapists know how to deal with specific types of injuries, you should know where not to use it. 

4 Things You May Not Know About Sports Massage

I cannot blame people who think that a sports massage is only for athletes and other sports-minded folks. I once had the same belief.

After talking with a friend of mine who also happens to be a sports massage therapist, it would seem that there are a lot of things ordinary people do not know about this kind of massage. Here are 4 of them.

1. Great for Managing Sciatica and Low Back Pain

Let’s face it: Most of us complain of low back pain more than once in our lifetime. This is especially true for people who spend almost 8 hours every day sitting behind their desks.

It is okay to sit all day long if you have an ergonomic chair. Unfortunately, not all offices can afford to give us an expensive ergonomic office chair.

There are also some of us who are diagnosed with sciatica. It often results from the degeneration of one of the disks in between our vertebrae. They experience excruciating pain in the back, their hips, and the outer side of their legs.

In both instances, sports massage can provide relief to both pain and inflammation. It can help reduce the swelling while increasing the gap between two opposing bony structures.

It would be unwise to think that sports massage can cure these health problems. It only offers symptomatic relief so you get to carry on with your activities in a more normal fashion.

2. Can Help Alleviate Fatigue

Athletes are not the only persons on earth who experience fatigue. All of us somehow have this feeling that we can no longer complete our everyday tasks. You can call it exhaustion or tiredness. However, one of the most crucial factors here is that our muscles are not functioning very well.

I have read quite a number of studies that show sports massage can help people who experience chronic fatigue. They feel more energetic.

I am not sure how massage can help them feel less fatigue. What I do know is that massage improves the circulation of blood through the tissues. This delivers critical substances that the cells can use as energy.

As such, if the cells are able to get their energy, then you should not feel fatigued at all.

There are, however, contradicting studies that say massage does not improve blood circulation nor does it facilitate the removal of lactic acid from the muscles. It would seem that the positive effects of massage, in general, have more to do with the improved mood that it brings.

3. Increases the Mobility of the Joints

Have you ever seen athletes performing a lot of warm-up exercises before a game? Most of us think that this is to get their muscles all primed up. However, there is another reason why they do this.

Warm-up exercises can also improve the range of motion of the joints. It allows people to become more flexible.

Among us ordinary humans with no athletic gifts, sports massage can help us improve the mobility of our joints. This can translate to better movements.

When we pick up something on the floor, we will not hear the sudden creaking sound from our back, hips, or knees. We can also walk a lot easier.

Improving the mobility of the joints can also help stimulate the continuous production of cartilage cells. They can help strengthen the joints and save you from more serious health problems.

4. Improves Our Sense of Well-being

You will feel a lot better about yourself after a session of sports massage. It stimulates the increased production of neurohormones which can help boost our mood and help us feel more relaxed.

It is not uncommon that some people fall asleep during the massage session. This is proof to the relaxing effects of sports massage. And when they wake up, they will feel more refreshed.

Sports massage is not only for athletes. It can also work for ordinary people like you and me.

Exercise At Home With Your Own Fitness Machines

I used to be a gym person. Whenever I’m stressed, I work out; whenever I wake up early on weekends, I hit the gym as well. But the thing about going to the gym is that the going in itself can already take a lot of time.

Now that I spend most of my day at work, the motivation to go to the gym just isn’t there.

Benefits of Having Home Gym Equipment

To keep my health and fitness in check, I chose to build my personal gym at home instead. I was surprised to know that there are a lot of benefits to it. Here are some:

1. Less time spent on the road

The last thing I want to happen is for me to get stuck going to the gym that I just go back home.

Although the traffic isn’t so bad in Melbourne, I still don’t want to spend 45 minutes more in the car going in just one direction. I might as well go home and work out there.

2. More cost savings

Naturally, you will be spending more when you buy gym equipment. But since you won’t be spending on gas, parking, and a membership fee, then you can consider this as big cost savings on your part.

3. I can watch and exercise

I never would have thought that watching and exercising was a great thing until I tried it.

All I have to do is place my portable equipment right in front of the TV and just exercise. This is ideal for exercises that you don’t particularly enjoy. It’s also a great way to distract yourself from counting reps.

4. I don’t have to be conscious of anyone else.

If you’re like me and you worry about people judging you in the gym, then having your own at home is a big comfort.

Since it’s just you, you can focus more on your exercises and posture. When you have your full attention to your workout, you can be more aware of the muscles that move and how fast your heart rate is going.

Fitness Machines to Buy

If you’re a beginner and you want to start building your home gym, then you got to have the basics first. Unless you have specific exercises you want to do, here are the first things you should buy.

1. Treadmill

The treadmill is one of the classic gym equipment. I personally love this because it’s a great way to boost my heart rate (or anyone else’s for that matter).

2. Air Bike

The air bike is also one of the pieces you should especially if you’re not fond of running or walking. But unlike the treadmill, an air bike can be great for resistance training thanks to the pull the fan makes.

3. Adjustable Dumbbells

If your aim is to gain muscle, then you might want to buy a set of dumbbells. Although a rack of them can be expensive, a good alternative is a pair of dumbbells that you can add or reduce weight. 

4. Kettlebells

And then here’s another favorite of mine. The kettlebells are more versatile than dumbbells because I can stretch and swing it freely.

If you will notice, most of my equipment focus on cardio and strength training. When you build your own home gym, you have to identify what you want to focus on – is it getting thinner or gaining more muscle?

Knowing this will help you know which ones to buy first. Lastly, before you buy, consult with best fitness machine reviews to help you know which brands are the best and worth your money.

You might also want some additional features which you can learn about if you read reviews.

Achieve A Salon-Ready Look Even When You’re At Home

Looking good is one of the things that gives us confidence. If you know that you look good and feel good as a result, then it’s a lot easier to go outside and socialize with people.

However, some people think that in order for them to look good, they have to always go to the salon to get their face and hair ready.

Well if you have loads of cash sitting around, this won’t be a problem. But if you’re like me who isn’t comfortable paying for a salon treatment every day, then you could just be salon-ready at home.

Tips on How to Look like You Came from a Salon

1. Follow Your Skin Care Routine

Even before you put makeup on your face to hide the blemishes, it’s always best to take care of your skin from within. After all, prevention is always better. You can do this by religiously following your skin care routine.

There are some people who have a 3-step or up to a 7-step routine and although I like to keep it at four products on my face, the choice still depends on you. But what’s important here is that you’re consistent with your routine.

2. Get Regular Hair Removals

There are a lot of waxing and laser salons that offer to remove body hair. But if you want to save money in the long run, then you should consider using at-home laser hair removals. There are home beauty devices that can help you with this.

One of the more popular ones is the portable laser devices like the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). This device is something you can bring whenever you travel because it’s so light and easy to pack. It also leaves the skin flawless and smooth after every contact.

3. Use a Hair Dryer

Do you know how people say that the hair is a woman’s crown? Well, I’m a big believer of that. Having bad days is normal, but you don’t have to make every day a bad hair day.

What you can do is to invest in a good hairdryer that can give you different hairstyles. You can use some beauty device reviews to guide you in picking the right one.

For example, I usually like my hair straight but not too straight. So, I chose to buy a heated brush that will make my hair look long and smooth but not too flat.  

4. Practice Doing Your Own Makeup

Most people hire makeup artists to do their makeup. For me, however, it’s still best if you learn how to do it yourself.

There are a lot of makeup tutorials online that can help you know which shade looks best on you or what kind of makeup to use on certain parts of your face. Trust me, you might find yourself enjoying these videos.

You can start by watching makeup tutorials and then research on which products go best on your skin tone. Usually, it would help to go to the makeup store yourself so that you can see in person how certain shades match with you.

5. Keep it Simple

Unless you’re going to a party or a night out, always remember to keep it simple and natural. This is ideal for everyday work looks.

Besides, if you put too much makeup you might end up overdoing it and it won’t be appropriate at all.

A natural-looking makeup coupled with naturally flowing hair can already do a lot to make you look beautiful.

So there you have it. With these 5 tips, you can already stop going to the salon and start looking your best even at home.

And if I haven’t stressed it enough, investing in good beauty devices and products will always be a good thing because they will cut down your salon costs in the future.

5 Kickass Reasons Why You’ve Got to Have a Rowing Machine in Your Home

The rowing machine is one of the latest craze ever to hit the fitness world. Believe me when I say this is one exercise equipment that you’d definitely want to bring home. Forget the bulky treadmill or even the stationary bike. As long as you have a rower in your house, you should be burning more calories and strengthening and toning your muscles a lot more efficiently. You can also check out rowing machine reviews to get an idea of what I’m talking about. And if you need some more convincing, here are 5 kickass reasons why you’ve got to have a rowing machine in your home.

  1.   Great for the heart, lungs, and other vital organs

Whether you’re as young as I am or is already in his or her golden years like my mom you know that aerobic exercises are important for overall health. Doing cardio can help us lose weight, strengthen our immune system, and even increase our stamina so we can perform many of our daily activities a lot more efficiently. Rowing effectively works out a huge number of muscles, stimulating the heart to pump even more. You’d also be regulating your breathing, allowing you to be more conscious of the way you take in air. Overall, this leads to improvement in oxygenation. The more oxygen, the happier and healthier body organs can become.  

  1.   Burns more calories in less time than riding a bike

Not many know it, but a full 60-minute workout on a rower burns calories equivalent to riding an exercise bike for about 78 minutes. On average, pulling and pushing on the rowing machine can help you shave off 600 calories in an hour. That’s actually not bad, considering you’d need about 1.5 to 2 hours of moderate intensity workouts to achieve the same feat. Now couple this with more sensible food choices and you should be on your way to a slimmer you. Wearing that slim and sexy dress you’ve had in your closet for a long time is now a possibility.

  1.   Strengthens and chisels muscles in both upper and lower body

One of the best things I love about rowing machines is that I get to work both my upper and lower body, including the muscles of my core. This can have a significant impact on our posture especially those among us who have to sit all day long behind our desks. Our bums should really look firm and amazing especially when donning a really body-hugging outfit. Stronger upper body muscles also help reduce back pain and improve stronger grip of the things we hold every day. Now that’s what I call whole-body workout.

  1.   Won’t hurt your joints

Some of my friends complain of pain in the joints whenever they run or jog. Well, this is understandable since every time your foot strikes the ground it’s like smashing it into a brick wall. Even though you have the best-cushioned running shoes, the impact forces will still reverberate through the rest of your legs and your body. Unfortunately, this doesn’t bid well for those with already-vulnerable joints especially at the ankles and the knees. Since rowing makes you firmly plant your feet on the pedal, there are no impact forces that will be generated. This keeps the integrity of your joints.

  1.   It’s absolutely fun

Whether you care to admit it or not rowing is fun. If you get one of those machines where you can actually integrate a variety of rowing simulations, you’d definitely love the experience. The only thing that is missing is the splash of water. There are machines that come with water wheels to give you the sound of splashing water. Add your favourite form of entertainment and you’ve got a really fun way to stay fit.

There are plenty of reasons why you really need a rowing machine in your home. And if you’re still not convinced, you can try one of these machines from your favourite gym. I promise you, it’s worth it.

Is alcohol really bad for health?

Drinking alcohol has been part of people’s lives. In special occasions or friday night out, alcohol has always been present. As this is a common thing, so are talks about it. These are primarily about health concerns. In early generations, this topic is not even a point for debate. Drinking alcohol was seen as nothing more than a bad habit. However, supposed health benefits of alcohol have brought about a new perspective on drinking alcohol. Before, the only good way to go about this topic is to talk about moderation. But, nowadays, alcohol consumption as partly good for the health is the game. Since then, debate about alcohol intake has gained popularity. Many argue that it is absolutely bad. Some say that effects are relative. But what is really the deal? How should we go about alcohol intake? Is it even a point of discussion?

Probably, many would say mind your own business. But, they should be more than cautious when it comes to alcohol. It has more in it rather than just being a drink. How does alcohol affect our body?  Certainly, drinking alcohol brings about change in bodily functions. It may be temporary, such as getting tipsy or drunk. But, it can also be a long term effect such as a health complication. For the longest time, alcohol has been considered risky to health. Not known to many is the fact that effects vary per person. Depending on the drinker’s weight, gender or previous health condition, impact of alcohol may differ. On a general note, alcohol affects both the physical and emotional state of a person. Effects are relative but undeniably present. It may be evident or not. So, it would be worth the read to know its pros and cons.

First is the list for the classic “alcohol is bad” argument. Most points raised for this is grounded on cases of alcohol addiction. Before dwelling to that, temporary effects should be the focus. Alcohol intake makes people have less self-consciousness. Thus, drinkers might have little to no sense of good judgment. This consequently leads to possible “blackout.” When this happens, one does not remember anything upon drinking. This may be temporary. But, regular intake may result to permanent changes in the brain’s activity or functions. As for the long term effect, the liver is predominantly damaged. It is the organ which is encharged to control toxin levels. According to studies, the liver, when subjected to amounts of alcohol, may be inflamed or worse permanently damaged. With regard to cardiovascular health, it may either be positive or negative. Moderate drinking is believed be good. This is because it supposedly reduces heart disease risks. However, heavy intake aggravates the same. It may lead to heart attacks. Strokes are also of high probability. Other diseases correlated with drinking are cancer, dementia, depression, cirrhosis and nerve damage.

The most talked out negativity about alcohol is addiction. This addiction is pertained to or popularly known as “alcoholism.” It is characterized by excessive alcohol consumption. This is accompanied by an alarming intake practice whether time or amount. As for time, alcoholism is most probable when one drinks on a daily basis. On the other hand, heavy amounts also call for attention.

Moving on, the following are the proposed health benefits from alcohol. Among others, red wine contains numerous if not the most antioxidants. Therefore, it tops the list for beneficial alcoholic drink. Another said benefit is reduced death risk. Also, a study showed that it can help prevent the so called common cold. Some claim that it helps boost or maintain memory capacity. And others say that it can even burn fats. For beer, on the other hand, it has been linked to stronger bones. Beer is also claimed to help the kidneys and lessen the risk of diabetes.

Drinking may be categorized as moderate (1-women and 2-men) or heavy (3-women and 4-men) based on standard drinks. Some experts have shut down the “moderate drinking is good” belief. This is because impacts in health may not be immediately evident as aforementioned.

To many, the negative effects still outweigh the recent supposed positive effects. Their take may be based on research or possibly experience. However, let us not be fooled by word of mouth. Though many might be true, quite a number might also be wrong. In the end, everything has its two folds. Provided that alcohol’s effects are recognized, it’s completely up to the consumer to take the good or bad in it.

Must-Try Korean Hair Styles

korean hair styleThe increasing popularity of K-Pop music has undeniably influenced not just the young Koreans but the youth from other parts of the world as well. Proofs of the so called K-Pop invasion are the numerous bands and music artists that have achieved tremendous success. Some of the most popular are EXO, Super Junior, 2NE1, SHINee, Big Bang, Bangtan Boys, Infinite, Girls Generation, G-Dragon, f(x), Got7, CNBLUE, Taeyang, A Pink, Miss A, Sandara Park, Kai, and many others. These artists have also hugely influenced people, particularly the teenagers, on the way how they want to style their hair.    

In Australia, for example, many of the youth are going gaga over the kind of Korean hair style they want to achieve at certain season or months. There is now an apparent increase in the demand for Korean style haircut in Melbourne and other cities of the land down under.

Haircut Styles for Girls

Many young girls and adult women nowadays are experimenting on Korean-inspired outfits. As a consequence, they also try different Korean haircuts. The most popular since the last several years are messy top knot, baby doll, long high side ponytail, front braid Lolita ponytails, Odango or panda ears, modern Rapunzel, pixie shag, swept back fringe, Korean bun, soft waves, ribbon bun, and asymmetrical bob.

The messy top knot is the world’s hottest hair trend, which is generally Oriental. It is an unconventional style that is characterized by untidy hair and top knot that look somewhat messy. The catch is that it has a modern touch that is manifested in the varying hair length and more vibrant color.

Sandara Park is known for her unconventional and exotic hair styles. Some of the styles she wore are the Leaning Tower of Pisa, purple love, Gimbab, scalp whirlpool, snake bangs, short comb-over, troll doll, west side swag, ultimate frizzball, and ajumma hair.   

Haircut Styles for Boys

Korean boys and men have been making some noise in the international scene in recent years. One striking reason why they are becoming more famous is their unique and distinct style in terms of fashion and haircut. Among the popular styles of haircuts for boys now are blonde straight, medium straight with side bangs, trendy spiky, medium messy, stylish thick straight, white medium, casual spiked, messy straight, messy medium, brown layered, straight dark, short side, basic short, young straight, cool medium, classy spiked, wavy, pompadour, side swept, and dark wavy.

Taeyang is hugely famous for being a member of Big Bang and as a solo artist. Fans are always anticipating for his next music video because he surely is donning a new style for his hair. Among the styles he wore include comrow, mohawk, swiss rolls, braided mixed blonde and black, braid wrapped around the head, long and curled mohawk, super saiyan 3 mohawk, and combed down blonde.   

In general, Korean hair styles are more innovative and somewhat deviant compared to others. The styles are reflective of the Korean’s passion for texture, color and distinct styling. These are probably the reasons why non-Korean people are also experimenting on the said hair styles. 

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Helping a Friend Find a New Place

ApartmentFinding a new place can be quite difficult. You go through the complex process of selection and expectation setting which are both stressful. Among many other tasks, finding a new place requires several visits to realty offices and to several property sites. While at first, the idea seems to be enjoyable. In the long run, however, it can be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting.

I went through all the troubles of property hunting back when I badly needed a new apartment in Melbourne. I’m happy to say I’ve surpassed all those decision-making challenges. Thus, when a friend of mine came to me one day and asked for advice, I readily jumped in to help. One great way that saved me time and effort is to go for off the plan apartments. This, I told my friend. Off-plan properties are basically those properties which are yet to be constructed but are already available for sale. I just figure that the key to finding a good apartment is to buy ahead while it’s less expensive. You can choose the location of your unit conveniently. I specifically advised this particular friend to visit off the plan apartments in Melbourne page by Chilli Realty. Why Chilli Realty? It’s because it is a trusted partner to your property needs.

Yes, trust is an important foundation between a client and a realty. This especially holds true for off-plan properties. Reason why, I recommended my friend to Chilli Realty. Not only do they have a wide range of off the plan apartments in Melbourne, their customer service is also incomparable. Tips buying apartment off the plan include choosing the right realty. The rest are as follows:

Check on the developer. The realty or the agency is one consideration, and the developer is another. Normally, land developers partner with agencies to maximize the selling potential of the properties. I told my friend that if you’ve zeroed in on an apartment already, the next best step is to research all about the developer.

The developer plays a critical role here since they’re basically the ones responsible to materialize the construction plan. There are developers who aren’t good with the financial side of business that they end up delaying the construction or purchasing low quality material for the construction. The designs may not be as good as they look in pictures.

My friend went a little nuts when I explained the risks of buying off the plan apartments. But I later on explained that with Chilli Realty, these incidents are less likely to happen. The agency itself is critical as to which developer they’d like to associate with.

I went on providing tips like doing an online research about the developer and reading reviews. You can also check on the credentials like licenses of the developers and their environmental compliance.

Second consideration when buying off the plan apartments is to secure the contract to sell, leasing agreement, or whatever document that binds you to the agency, much more to the developer. You also need to keep the receipts of your deposit and installments. If the worst of things happen, you at least have tangible proofs for legal remedies.

But then again, none of the tragic circumstances will happen if you stick to the number rule which is to find a credible developer. Go for the big ones, those who have track record in putting up residential flats, city apartments, suburban communities, and many other establishments.

Third and last tip is to personally gauge your budget. Sure, you have preferences for the location and the design, but more importantly, you have to map out a financial plan. Start with identifying how much is the required deposit. From there, you ask for the monthly or weekly payments and the tax inclusions. A good 1-year to 2-year financial plan will be a solid foundation already.

In my case, I did not go through periods of insufficient funds because I calculated everything with at least 1 to 2 percent margin of difference. Loans are tempting, but unless you badly need to, I suggest you don’t. The amount of money you pay for the interest can already be spent on your other investments. Off the plan apartments, after all, are priced lower than the already built ones because of the risks involved.

My friend gladly and willingly listened to all my tips. Everything just worked out fine then. If there’s one tiny problem my friend had to face, it’s the fact that he can hardly just choose one property. There’s just too many off the plan apartments that attract him. Chilli Realty keeps a wide selection of beautiful properties, really.

It’s also possible to buy off the plan apartments and later sell them for a marked up price. Some wise buyers are doing this strategy to earn income. Again, I suggest you follow my second tip which is to secure the papers. By the time you found a buyer or a lessor, there would be a smooth transition.

Overall, I say, it’s perfectly normal to have reservations. But I tell you, buying off the plan apartments has long been an ongoing trend in Europe and it’s starting to prosper here in Melbourne. Once you’ve chosen a good realty and developer, it’ll be the best apartment you can ever have.

Help a friend as well. Share the tips above for buying off the plan apartments.