4 Things You May Not Know About Sports Massage

I cannot blame people who think that a sports massage is only for athletes and other sports-minded folks. I once had the same belief.

After talking with a friend of mine who also happens to be a sports massage therapist, it would seem that there are a lot of things ordinary people do not know about this kind of massage. Here are 4 of them.

1. Great for Managing Sciatica and Low Back Pain

Let’s face it: Most of us complain of low back pain more than once in our lifetime. This is especially true for people who spend almost 8 hours every day sitting behind their desks.

It is okay to sit all day long if you have an ergonomic chair. Unfortunately, not all offices can afford to give us an expensive ergonomic office chair.

There are also some of us who are diagnosed with sciatica. It often results from the degeneration of one of the disks in between our vertebrae. They experience excruciating pain in the back, their hips, and the outer side of their legs.

In both instances, sports massage can provide relief to both pain and inflammation. It can help reduce the swelling while increasing the gap between two opposing bony structures.

It would be unwise to think that sports massage can cure these health problems. It only offers symptomatic relief so you get to carry on with your activities in a more normal fashion.

2. Can Help Alleviate Fatigue

Athletes are not the only persons on earth who experience fatigue. All of us somehow have this feeling that we can no longer complete our everyday tasks. You can call it exhaustion or tiredness. However, one of the most crucial factors here is that our muscles are not functioning very well.

I have read quite a number of studies that show sports massage can help people who experience chronic fatigue. They feel more energetic.

I am not sure how massage can help them feel less fatigue. What I do know is that massage improves the circulation of blood through the tissues. This delivers critical substances that the cells can use as energy.

As such, if the cells are able to get their energy, then you should not feel fatigued at all.

There are, however, contradicting studies that say massage does not improve blood circulation nor does it facilitate the removal of lactic acid from the muscles. It would seem that the positive effects of massage, in general, have more to do with the improved mood that it brings.

3. Increases the Mobility of the Joints

Have you ever seen athletes performing a lot of warm-up exercises before a game? Most of us think that this is to get their muscles all primed up. However, there is another reason why they do this.

Warm-up exercises can also improve the range of motion of the joints. It allows people to become more flexible.

Among us ordinary humans with no athletic gifts, sports massage can help us improve the mobility of our joints. This can translate to better movements.

When we pick up something on the floor, we will not hear the sudden creaking sound from our back, hips, or knees. We can also walk a lot easier.

Improving the mobility of the joints can also help stimulate the continuous production of cartilage cells. They can help strengthen the joints and save you from more serious health problems.

4. Improves Our Sense of Well-being

You will feel a lot better about yourself after a session of sports massage. It stimulates the increased production of neurohormones which can help boost our mood and help us feel more relaxed.

It is not uncommon that some people fall asleep during the massage session. This is proof to the relaxing effects of sports massage. And when they wake up, they will feel more refreshed.

Sports massage is not only for athletes. It can also work for ordinary people like you and me.