How To Safely Use Your Massage Gun

You bought your massage gun and are excited to use it. However, you should know that improper use of this device can bring more pain than relief.

This does not happen often, especially if you read the manual and follow the instructions properly. Then you can really maximize the potential benefits of the best massage gun to buy in Australia.

Steps to Use Your Percussive Massager

  1. Turn on your massager but do not let it touch your body yet. You might want to check the pressure first so you will not be surprised by the intensity. 
  1. Rest the massage gun on your body. Even if your muscles hurt, you do not need to push it hard or apply any more pressure. The massager will apply the pressure you need.
  1. Let the device glide along the targeted muscle, moving slowly at around 1 inch per second or even less.
  1. If you have a specific knot that hurts more, then let the massage gun stay there a bit longer. Just make sure you also include the area around it. 

Basically, these are the 4 simple steps in using your massage gun. It does not sound like you can make many errors, right?

Well, there are people who do end up hurting themselves. I made this mistake myself because I did not follow the golden rule, which is to not apply any additional pressure.

The fact is, pushing the massager deeper into your muscles will cause pain and even lead to damaged tissues. 

Since I made this mistake, I have been careful about sticking to the basic steps of the massage gun. Beyond letting the device do the work (it will apply the pressure you need), I also know to avoid using it in the following situations:

When I Have Muscle Strain or a Sprain

I have been tempted to use the massage gun to deal with a pulled muscle, a muscle strain, or a ligament sprain, but this is not just a bad idea, but this is the worst way to use your massager.

The vibrations will cause more injury to the tissue and will cause you a lot of pain. Instead, follow the PRICE method (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) when you strain a muscle. Never use the massage gun without talking to your doctor or a therapist.

When I Have Some Inflammation

Inflammation happens when there is overstimulation of a specific area like a tissue, tendon, or the bursae (the fluid-filled sacks between the ligament and the bones). Massaging will only make the problem worse, so avoid using the massage gun on this spot specifically.

On Varicose Veins

I read on the manual of my massage gun that using this device on varicose veins is not only painful but it can be dangerous as well. The vibrations can damage the weak structure of the veins and lead to tearing or creating a clot.

In turn, a loose clot can cause a stroke or a heart attack. Moreover, if you are using blood thinners, you might want to talk to your doctor before you use a massager. 

When I Have A Fever

Not many people know that massages can increase body temperature. Thus, when I am sick or have a higher temperature, I generally wait to use the massage gun until the fever goes down.

Use Your Massage Gun Wisely and Safely

When you spend your money on devices like a percussive massager, you will want to enjoy its benefits. This happens when you use it properly and know when to avoid it.

In the same way that trained massage therapists know how to deal with specific types of injuries, you should know where not to use it. 

5 Kickass Reasons Why You’ve Got to Have a Rowing Machine in Your Home

The rowing machine is one of the latest craze ever to hit the fitness world. Believe me when I say this is one exercise equipment that you’d definitely want to bring home. Forget the bulky treadmill or even the stationary bike. As long as you have a rower in your house, you should be burning more calories and strengthening and toning your muscles a lot more efficiently. You can also check out rowing machine reviews to get an idea of what I’m talking about. And if you need some more convincing, here are 5 kickass reasons why you’ve got to have a rowing machine in your home.

  1.   Great for the heart, lungs, and other vital organs

Whether you’re as young as I am or is already in his or her golden years like my mom you know that aerobic exercises are important for overall health. Doing cardio can help us lose weight, strengthen our immune system, and even increase our stamina so we can perform many of our daily activities a lot more efficiently. Rowing effectively works out a huge number of muscles, stimulating the heart to pump even more. You’d also be regulating your breathing, allowing you to be more conscious of the way you take in air. Overall, this leads to improvement in oxygenation. The more oxygen, the happier and healthier body organs can become.  

  1.   Burns more calories in less time than riding a bike

Not many know it, but a full 60-minute workout on a rower burns calories equivalent to riding an exercise bike for about 78 minutes. On average, pulling and pushing on the rowing machine can help you shave off 600 calories in an hour. That’s actually not bad, considering you’d need about 1.5 to 2 hours of moderate intensity workouts to achieve the same feat. Now couple this with more sensible food choices and you should be on your way to a slimmer you. Wearing that slim and sexy dress you’ve had in your closet for a long time is now a possibility.

  1.   Strengthens and chisels muscles in both upper and lower body

One of the best things I love about rowing machines is that I get to work both my upper and lower body, including the muscles of my core. This can have a significant impact on our posture especially those among us who have to sit all day long behind our desks. Our bums should really look firm and amazing especially when donning a really body-hugging outfit. Stronger upper body muscles also help reduce back pain and improve stronger grip of the things we hold every day. Now that’s what I call whole-body workout.

  1.   Won’t hurt your joints

Some of my friends complain of pain in the joints whenever they run or jog. Well, this is understandable since every time your foot strikes the ground it’s like smashing it into a brick wall. Even though you have the best-cushioned running shoes, the impact forces will still reverberate through the rest of your legs and your body. Unfortunately, this doesn’t bid well for those with already-vulnerable joints especially at the ankles and the knees. Since rowing makes you firmly plant your feet on the pedal, there are no impact forces that will be generated. This keeps the integrity of your joints.

  1.   It’s absolutely fun

Whether you care to admit it or not rowing is fun. If you get one of those machines where you can actually integrate a variety of rowing simulations, you’d definitely love the experience. The only thing that is missing is the splash of water. There are machines that come with water wheels to give you the sound of splashing water. Add your favourite form of entertainment and you’ve got a really fun way to stay fit.

There are plenty of reasons why you really need a rowing machine in your home. And if you’re still not convinced, you can try one of these machines from your favourite gym. I promise you, it’s worth it.

Is alcohol really bad for health?

Drinking alcohol has been part of people’s lives. In special occasions or friday night out, alcohol has always been present. As this is a common thing, so are talks about it. These are primarily about health concerns. In early generations, this topic is not even a point for debate. Drinking alcohol was seen as nothing more than a bad habit. However, supposed health benefits of alcohol have brought about a new perspective on drinking alcohol. Before, the only good way to go about this topic is to talk about moderation. But, nowadays, alcohol consumption as partly good for the health is the game. Since then, debate about alcohol intake has gained popularity. Many argue that it is absolutely bad. Some say that effects are relative. But what is really the deal? How should we go about alcohol intake? Is it even a point of discussion?

Probably, many would say mind your own business. But, they should be more than cautious when it comes to alcohol. It has more in it rather than just being a drink. How does alcohol affect our body?  Certainly, drinking alcohol brings about change in bodily functions. It may be temporary, such as getting tipsy or drunk. But, it can also be a long term effect such as a health complication. For the longest time, alcohol has been considered risky to health. Not known to many is the fact that effects vary per person. Depending on the drinker’s weight, gender or previous health condition, impact of alcohol may differ. On a general note, alcohol affects both the physical and emotional state of a person. Effects are relative but undeniably present. It may be evident or not. So, it would be worth the read to know its pros and cons.

First is the list for the classic “alcohol is bad” argument. Most points raised for this is grounded on cases of alcohol addiction. Before dwelling to that, temporary effects should be the focus. Alcohol intake makes people have less self-consciousness. Thus, drinkers might have little to no sense of good judgment. This consequently leads to possible “blackout.” When this happens, one does not remember anything upon drinking. This may be temporary. But, regular intake may result to permanent changes in the brain’s activity or functions. As for the long term effect, the liver is predominantly damaged. It is the organ which is encharged to control toxin levels. According to studies, the liver, when subjected to amounts of alcohol, may be inflamed or worse permanently damaged. With regard to cardiovascular health, it may either be positive or negative. Moderate drinking is believed be good. This is because it supposedly reduces heart disease risks. However, heavy intake aggravates the same. It may lead to heart attacks. Strokes are also of high probability. Other diseases correlated with drinking are cancer, dementia, depression, cirrhosis and nerve damage.

The most talked out negativity about alcohol is addiction. This addiction is pertained to or popularly known as “alcoholism.” It is characterized by excessive alcohol consumption. This is accompanied by an alarming intake practice whether time or amount. As for time, alcoholism is most probable when one drinks on a daily basis. On the other hand, heavy amounts also call for attention.

Moving on, the following are the proposed health benefits from alcohol. Among others, red wine contains numerous if not the most antioxidants. Therefore, it tops the list for beneficial alcoholic drink. Another said benefit is reduced death risk. Also, a study showed that it can help prevent the so called common cold. Some claim that it helps boost or maintain memory capacity. And others say that it can even burn fats. For beer, on the other hand, it has been linked to stronger bones. Beer is also claimed to help the kidneys and lessen the risk of diabetes.

Drinking may be categorized as moderate (1-women and 2-men) or heavy (3-women and 4-men) based on standard drinks. Some experts have shut down the “moderate drinking is good” belief. This is because impacts in health may not be immediately evident as aforementioned.

To many, the negative effects still outweigh the recent supposed positive effects. Their take may be based on research or possibly experience. However, let us not be fooled by word of mouth. Though many might be true, quite a number might also be wrong. In the end, everything has its two folds. Provided that alcohol’s effects are recognized, it’s completely up to the consumer to take the good or bad in it.

Acupuncture and its Benefits for Fertility

Many women who suffer from fertility and pregnancy problems look for different ways to help them get pregnant. Over the years, there are numerous methods that millions of women have tried but to no avail. However, there are also medicinal practice such as acupuncture that have been proven to be effective in helping women conceive and actually get pregnant. Fertility acupuncture in Melbourne, for example, has made more women in Australia interested in the treatment.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a traditional practice in Chinese medicine that have been helping people get cured from different kinds of diseases for several thousands of years already. It involves the use of sterile and ultra-thin needles that are inserted into the body’s specific acupuncture points. The points are located on areas called meridians or channels, which are the pathways in both the interior and exterior parts of the human body. When the needles are successfully inserted into these points, the body is able to regulate its different functions effectively and efficiently. You can find more about acupuncture at freedom Chinese Medicine FB page.

In recent years, there have been studies that look into the effectiveness of acupuncture in helping women who suffer from infertility. Many women all over the world have tried the Chinese traditional practice and many have attested that it worked for them.

What are the causes of infertility?

Infertility happens to a significant number of women. They suffer from the inability to conceive even if they are having unprotected sex for a long period of time. It may also refer to a woman’s biological inability to succeed in her conception of a baby. It also refers to an individual’s inability to complete her pregnancy and, thus, is unable to give birth to a live and healthy baby.

According to the United States’ Mayo Clinic, 30% to 40% of infertility cases are due to problems that both the man and woman have. Around 40% to 50% of infertility cases are due to problems that only the woman has. Lastly, around 20% of infertility cases are due to problems that only the man has.

As it seems, many of the cases are due to problems in the woman’s body and sex organ. However, the United States Department of Health and Human Services has said that many cases of infertility are actually treatable.

How does acupuncture work for fertility?

Many women are interested but are clueless or afraid of trying acupuncture to help themselves get fertile and pregnant. To clear things up, below are the ways by which acupuncture can help a woman and her body be able to increases the chances of getting fertile and pregnant.

Minimal Risks

One major advantage and benefit of acupuncture is the fact that it only has very minimal risks compared to other methods in treating infertility. It can still be done during pregnancy to help the woman succeed until she gives birth to the baby. The problem, however, occurs when the needles are inserted incorrectly to the acupuncture points. This is why women should only avail of the treatment from licensed acupuncturists who have a specialization in treating fertility disorders. Generally, acupuncture is a very safe treatment regardless of the medical history of a person.

Addresses Problems that Affect Fertility

Acupuncture helps women increase their chances of getting pregnant through addressing of of problems that significantly affect fertility. One is hypothyroidism, which refers to the under-functioning of the thyroid. Another one is hyperthyroidism, which refers to the over functioning of the thyroid. When these problems are addressed, the body is able to focus all its efforts in making the fertility and pregnancy successful.

Less Costly

One major problem with the more highly commercialized infertility treatments is the fact that these treatments require huge amounts of money. The cost becomes even more expensive because of the frequency of the treatment. Patients will be asked to pay for the medicines or procedures, professional fee of the doctor, and other related expenses. With acupuncture, however, women don’t have to undergo sessions on a daily basis. The condition of the woman’s body is one major determining factor whether or not she has to undergo acupuncture treatments on a more frequent schedule.

No Pain and Other Related Side Effects

Though it involves the insertion of needles, acupuncture doesn’t really cause any unbearable pain. Any woman can tolerate the tingling feeling and after every session all she’ll feel is comfort. Being not painful makes acupuncture a far better option than other infertility treatments.

Since it only uses sterile needles, there are also no foreign synthetic materials that are introduced to the body. This means that there are no possible sources of chemicals that may cause allergic reactions once inside the body. This also means that the baby is safe from encountering harmful elements that may significantly affect his or her development inside the womb.

Improves Blood Circulation

The efficient circulation of blood is crucial in the different organ and system functions. For one, it greatly boosts the immune system which is crucial when a woman is pregnant. So, when there is smooth blood circulation, the body is able to keep its functions and is also able to bring to the baby the nutrients it needs.

Have a Healthy Heart with Exercise

It is a known fact that physical activity yields a lot of healthy benefits. It applies to all people without regards to age, race, and gender. Being active can help maintain a healthy body and it will also make the body strong in performing tasks. Many diseases are also avoided once a person is physically active.

People with cardiovascular diseases primarily benefit from physical activities. Exercise and heart disease do not go harmoniously together. With regular exercise, disorders of the heart usually become eliminated for good.

How Does Exercise Combat Heart Diseases?

Generally, muscles become strong and healthy when used often. The heart is a muscle so when you get active, it pumps up faster and strengthening it in the process. Notice the difference between a person who exercise and to someone who don’t. The former has a healthier body so he gets to do more while the latter is weaker so he gets tired a lot. This means that when a person does not exercise, his heart pumps lesser blood, thereby delivering fewer nutrients to the rest of the body making it weak and unable to perform well.

One of the reasons why the heart develops certain diseases is that the arteries that surround it become clogged with hardened fats called plaque. When you exercise, the bad cholesterol levels are lowered, thereby lessening the chances of plaque from forming.

Exercise also promotes weight loss. When you are able to maintain an ideal body weight, the body can perform better as all major organs, including the heart, functions at their best. This favors in the body in a way that all the needed substances, like insulin, are produced in abundance thereby protecting the body against deteriorating illnesses.

What Type of Exercise Promotes a Healthy Heart? 

 There are many options to choose from when you want to exercise for a healthier heart. It will be easier to choose if you know what your body needs. Any form of exercise can increase the heart rate. You will be hitting two birds with one stone if you have a routine that strengthens the heart and will help you with other health problems at the same time. For example, if you want to ease lung problems, you can try swimming or running as these exercises strengthen the lungs. When you have joint problems, walking for at least 30 minutes a day is a low- impact exercise that makes the heart healthy but does not injure your joints.

You may also choose according to convenience or the lifestyle that you have. If you are fond with recreational activities, you may join a hiking group or play a sport that you can enjoy with your buddies. You may even consider it as a stress reliever so you get to be healthy not only physically but emotionally as well.

What to Remember During Exercise

To reap the benefits of exercise, do not forget about three important phases. First is having a warm- up. The body should be given a few minutes to prepare for the rigorous task ahead so you don’t get painful muscles afterwards. The exercise proper is called the conditioning phase. Perform the routine accordingly and at the proper timing. After the main part of the exercise, have the time to cool down. This phase will transition the body from having an intense work- out towards a more relaxed state. Sitting down or resting immediately after an exercise will only make you feel dizzy. Assist the body in lowering the heart rate by slowing down the intensity of the routine or continue moving at a much slower pace.

Tips to Stick with Exercise 

Exercise can be boring for some people. Try to avoid boredom so you can stick with the healthy habit. Choose an exercise that you find fun. You will look forward to the next session if you enjoy what you are doing. You can make a playlist of favorite workout tunes to keep you going with every routine. Grab the chance to socialize with other health conscious people. Exercise is more motivating when you are with people who have the same goals as you. When a goal is shared with other people, it becomes easier to achieve. This applies well with the concept of exercise and getting physically fit. Lastly, remember that a healthy heart is a happier you so have fun on your road to wellness.

My Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle

healthy food

Research suggests that stress can take its toll on your health. Not only will it make you look old and exhausted, but it can also cause you to eat a lot more than you can chew – literally and figuratively speaking. So being a health buff wanna-be that I was, I decided to ignore the stubborn stress factors in my life and take the road less traveled by making a 360-degree lifestyle change. It was really hard at first as I had to give up eating ice cream, cakes, and all the sweets, considering how much of a sweet-tooth I was. I also needed to cut my total daily calorie intake and forced myself to liking strenuous cardio exercises, 30 minutes per day and had to sleep at least 6-8 hours as much as possible.

Among all these what I found to be most challenging was to avoid temptations each and every time I step outside of the house wherein I see loads of delicious yet unhealthy food that I try as much to remove from my system. To add to my dilemma, it was kind of difficult to find quality health food stores in Melbourne area as I have just moved in to this city. Good thing a friend of mine who has been living here for 5 years and who is also joining me on this lifestyle change suggested different go to places when you are looking for healthy, fresh, and high-quality food choices within the vicinity. Below are just some of them:

Spring Street Grocer

A well-kept tiny store offering fresh, organic, local and international produce and probably has the freshest strawberries in town. Buy the freshest fruits and vegetables to create your own healthy juices and green salads. These are not only good for your metabolism, they also help boost the proper functioning of the organs in the body.

Melbourne Street Organics

If you are a fan of the juicing diet method or a smoothie lover, this is definitely the place to be for you. You can also avail of their whey protein powder mixes if you are aiming to increase your muscle index. Juice diet is not only great for your digestive system, it also promotes healthy skin and normality in body weight.

Eco Farms

This is the country’s largest dealer of healthy organic fresh food products. They have everything that you’ll ever need for the success of your weight loss plan. Organic foods are free from chemicals that is why they are the best and safest sustenance to the body. Buy all these at eco farm and see the improvement they can do to your health.


They serve ready to eat meals for health conscious people who don’t have much time to spare in the kitchen. A wide variety of delicious, guilt-free goodies are all yours for the taking. This shop is great for those who are living a busy lifestyle and can hardly have the time to prepare nutritious meals. Just drop by the store and enjoy sumptuous meals that are friendly to the body.

Ripe Organics

They have organic wines, beers and a juice bar. Who says dieting and losing weight needs to be that boring anyway. Their products are perfect for fun night with your best pals who are also into the endeavor of dropping a few pounds. Just remember to have everything in moderation though.

Botanical Cuisine

If you are a raw food dieter, then this shop is the best place for you. They have everything from luscious greens, fresh spices, fruits, wheat grass, and a whole lot more.

Joe’s Organic Market

It is where you can find the most affordable, chemical free and organic fresh produce ideal for making salads and healthy green smoothies.

We often disregard the adage ‘health is wealth’ and it has been a common practice for many individuals to act only when an illness is experienced. Knowing that sickness can cause paralysis to life, it is best to keep up with preventive measures in order not to get sick. Healthy living is what makes a person more productive with work and family. I believe that good health encompasses nutritious food, ample exercise and quality sleep. When nutrients are lacking in my food, health supplements are there to make it complete.