Have a Healthy Heart with Exercise

It is a known fact that physical activity yields a lot of healthy benefits. It applies to all people without regards to age, race, and gender. Being active can help maintain a healthy body and it will also make the body strong in performing tasks. Many diseases are also avoided once a person is physically active.

People with cardiovascular diseases primarily benefit from physical activities. Exercise and heart disease do not go harmoniously together. With regular exercise, disorders of the heart usually become eliminated for good.

How Does Exercise Combat Heart Diseases?

Generally, muscles become strong and healthy when used often. The heart is a muscle so when you get active, it pumps up faster and strengthening it in the process. Notice the difference between a person who exercise and to someone who don’t. The former has a healthier body so he gets to do more while the latter is weaker so he gets tired a lot. This means that when a person does not exercise, his heart pumps lesser blood, thereby delivering fewer nutrients to the rest of the body making it weak and unable to perform well.

One of the reasons why the heart develops certain diseases is that the arteries that surround it become clogged with hardened fats called plaque. When you exercise, the bad cholesterol levels are lowered, thereby lessening the chances of plaque from forming.

Exercise also promotes weight loss. When you are able to maintain an ideal body weight, the body can perform better as all major organs, including the heart, functions at their best. This favors in the body in a way that all the needed substances, like insulin, are produced in abundance thereby protecting the body against deteriorating illnesses.

What Type of Exercise Promotes a Healthy Heart? 

 There are many options to choose from when you want to exercise for a healthier heart. It will be easier to choose if you know what your body needs. Any form of exercise can increase the heart rate. You will be hitting two birds with one stone if you have a routine that strengthens the heart and will help you with other health problems at the same time. For example, if you want to ease lung problems, you can try swimming or running as these exercises strengthen the lungs. When you have joint problems, walking for at least 30 minutes a day is a low- impact exercise that makes the heart healthy but does not injure your joints.

You may also choose according to convenience or the lifestyle that you have. If you are fond with recreational activities, you may join a hiking group or play a sport that you can enjoy with your buddies. You may even consider it as a stress reliever so you get to be healthy not only physically but emotionally as well.

What to Remember During Exercise

To reap the benefits of exercise, do not forget about three important phases. First is having a warm- up. The body should be given a few minutes to prepare for the rigorous task ahead so you don’t get painful muscles afterwards. The exercise proper is called the conditioning phase. Perform the routine accordingly and at the proper timing. After the main part of the exercise, have the time to cool down. This phase will transition the body from having an intense work- out towards a more relaxed state. Sitting down or resting immediately after an exercise will only make you feel dizzy. Assist the body in lowering the heart rate by slowing down the intensity of the routine or continue moving at a much slower pace.

Tips to Stick with Exercise 

Exercise can be boring for some people. Try to avoid boredom so you can stick with the healthy habit. Choose an exercise that you find fun. You will look forward to the next session if you enjoy what you are doing. You can make a playlist of favorite workout tunes to keep you going with every routine. Grab the chance to socialize with other health conscious people. Exercise is more motivating when you are with people who have the same goals as you. When a goal is shared with other people, it becomes easier to achieve. This applies well with the concept of exercise and getting physically fit. Lastly, remember that a healthy heart is a happier you so have fun on your road to wellness.