My Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle

healthy food

Research suggests that stress can take its toll on your health. Not only will it make you look old and exhausted, but it can also cause you to eat a lot more than you can chew – literally and figuratively speaking. So being a health buff wanna-be that I was, I decided to ignore the stubborn stress factors in my life and take the road less traveled by making a 360-degree lifestyle change. It was really hard at first as I had to give up eating ice cream, cakes, and all the sweets, considering how much of a sweet-tooth I was. I also needed to cut my total daily calorie intake and forced myself to liking strenuous cardio exercises, 30 minutes per day and had to sleep at least 6-8 hours as much as possible.

Among all these what I found to be most challenging was to avoid temptations each and every time I step outside of the house wherein I see loads of delicious yet unhealthy food that I try as much to remove from my system. To add to my dilemma, it was kind of difficult to find quality health food stores in Melbourne area as I have just moved in to this city. Good thing a friend of mine who has been living here for 5 years and who is also joining me on this lifestyle change suggested different go to places when you are looking for healthy, fresh, and high-quality food choices within the vicinity. Below are just some of them:

Spring Street Grocer

A well-kept tiny store offering fresh, organic, local and international produce and probably has the freshest strawberries in town. Buy the freshest fruits and vegetables to create your own healthy juices and green salads. These are not only good for your metabolism, they also help boost the proper functioning of the organs in the body.

Melbourne Street Organics

If you are a fan of the juicing diet method or a smoothie lover, this is definitely the place to be for you. You can also avail of their whey protein powder mixes if you are aiming to increase your muscle index. Juice diet is not only great for your digestive system, it also promotes healthy skin and normality in body weight.

Eco Farms

This is the country’s largest dealer of healthy organic fresh food products. They have everything that you’ll ever need for the success of your weight loss plan. Organic foods are free from chemicals that is why they are the best and safest sustenance to the body. Buy all these at eco farm and see the improvement they can do to your health.


They serve ready to eat meals for health conscious people who don’t have much time to spare in the kitchen. A wide variety of delicious, guilt-free goodies are all yours for the taking. This shop is great for those who are living a busy lifestyle and can hardly have the time to prepare nutritious meals. Just drop by the store and enjoy sumptuous meals that are friendly to the body.

Ripe Organics

They have organic wines, beers and a juice bar. Who says dieting and losing weight needs to be that boring anyway. Their products are perfect for fun night with your best pals who are also into the endeavor of dropping a few pounds. Just remember to have everything in moderation though.

Botanical Cuisine

If you are a raw food dieter, then this shop is the best place for you. They have everything from luscious greens, fresh spices, fruits, wheat grass, and a whole lot more.

Joe’s Organic Market

It is where you can find the most affordable, chemical free and organic fresh produce ideal for making salads and healthy green smoothies.

We often disregard the adage ‘health is wealth’ and it has been a common practice for many individuals to act only when an illness is experienced. Knowing that sickness can cause paralysis to life, it is best to keep up with preventive measures in order not to get sick. Healthy living is what makes a person more productive with work and family. I believe that good health encompasses nutritious food, ample exercise and quality sleep. When nutrients are lacking in my food, health supplements are there to make it complete.

Personal experience: Back pain relieved effectively with physiotherapy

I talked about beauty and teeth implants before so now I have to share my own personal experience which I had a couple weeks ago. Sitting hours together at the workstation affected me with the back pain. I had no other option than consulting a doctor to get rid of pain. Though doctor tried put back may pain with many medications, none of them worked, and finally, the doctor concluded that the physiotherapy would the best choice to treat the problem. Like many people even I was scared to go for physiotherapy to treat my back pain but, I had no other choice. If you are one like me who is scared to opt for physiotherapy for back pain, knowing the actual procedure that I underwent during physio sessions would relive you from such worries and tensions. The chances of recovery from the back pain are high when you choose to go with physiotherapy.

After I reached the physio South Yarra centre reporting the problem, the therapist started the session with diagnosing my problem. The session did last for the period of 45 minutes where the physiotherapist will conduct a clinical examination to know your back strength. After that, he will discuss with you about the required course of action to treat your problem. If you are in need of physiotherapy for your back pain, the therapist will come up with appropriate treatment plan depending on your condition. Mine was the treatment plan for 12 sessions with one to two sittings for week. The best part, since they are part of the bulk billing physio, my total payment was quite low.

There is no need to compromise on your busy schedules to get relief from your back pain. It is just one to two sessions for week so, you can comfortably join the course without worrying about your regular schedules.

Each of my sessions lasted for the period of 30 minutes plus, the practice open on Sunday as well (aka. Sunday physio) so, I never felt, it was a big deal to allocate that time to get away from my back pain completely. The process will be under the care of the dedicated therapist during the entire procedure so; there is no need for you worry that your joints will breakdown during the procedure. You will enjoy assistance of an experienced physiotherapist in every minute of the session. Each session will be conducted with an objective and will be completed only after the evaluation of the progress in each session. The physiotherapy center is equipped with the latest technology record your current pain-free range of motion and measure the strength of your deep spinal muscles. After the reading on noted on the computer screen, the therapist will recommend a series of supplementary exercises designed to strengthen muscles.

Selecting hairdressers if you are new in Melbourne

When you are not too sure in selecting hairdressers Melbourne, the top one, then this short article is for you. I just recently spent a few weeks checking out my local hair salons within the CBD right here in Victoria. The criteria that I use to assist me to decide who the very best hairdresser I can trust outlined below.

As I’m in my mid 20’s, a few of what I create right here may nicely not be suitable for you personally, based on age, gender, and preference. With that said, let me start using the initial aspect that I am searching:


Yes certainly. I want the entire encounter to excite me, to really feel great. Having a contemporary décor is a must for me. When the salon have significantly invested in their outlook to look and feel contemporary and fashionable, then I can start to imagine that they can give me a modern and trendy style for the customers!


I understand that we all share various tastes on what we contact decent music, but for me a minimum of, the music requirements to be in-line using the general décor and atmosphere from the salon. Hip and up-to-date music are the main criteria I use to judge.

Stylish Employees

For me, I want the employees to appear like they care enough about their very own look. Therefore, they will also care about mine. I usually prefer younger staff to older ladies, but that is probably because of my current age. Your preference might nicely be various here. Most significantly obviously is the fact that they are nicely certified to carry out the cutting, colouring, and styling. This part is really only known once you get in there and have your initial appointment.

I hope simple those criteria above can help you to decide when you want to try a new salon in Melbourne. There are plenty of hair salons in Melbourne. You just need to open your eyes and try out yourself.