Feb 052015

While most of the painful dental implant surgery is performed in hospital setting or dentist’s office, I was simply dreading to visit the dentist who prescribed dental implant after I had lost my front tooth. I heard from someone that dental implant is the prosthetic replacement of missing tooth whereby there is the screwing of implant made up of some tissue. It was very unfortunate for me to lose my tooth on account of a disease that made the dentist recommend an implant, and it became fairly impossible for me to enjoy restaurant food with my friends. By visiting the Coburg dental care centre, I realised that dental implants are a superb option for tooth replacement for everyone. With the aid of implant I regained the healthy looking, strong and stable tooth that almost seemed like my own.

Scheduling an oral examination with the clinic

My first step prior to undergoing dental implant certainly has been checking it with the dentist whether it was a viable option for me or not. He thoroughly checked whether I was having any gum or oral disease. On being diagnosed with having healthy gum and teeth, I was assured of successful dental implant. After the thorough mouth examination, I was recommended dental implant.

The three-stage procedure of dental implant

Dental implant was placed in the procedure of ‘staged surgery’. After anaesthetising the dentist of Coburg, surgically buried the implant within the bone and under the gum. The stage crossed away without any pain. The dentist informed me that the step would protect the implant in the healing stage. In the second stage, the dentist checked for successful integration of the implant and connected some part of the post that penetrated through gum into the mouth. It was then protected in such a way that the implant is not harmed even by chewing forces. After the successful implant and integration, the restorative step took place. Here, the dentist painlessly fabricated and connected prosthetic teeth to Osseo integrated implants successfully.

However, although I have heard that dental implants do not have 100% success rates, but with this MDG dental clinic, you can be assured of 100% success. By efficiently performing dental implant surgery, you can be confirmed of a successful implant without any pain. You can personally browse through the website and fix an appointment with the dental clinic if you have undergone tooth loss.

Check out the video I found below about implants procedure for those who want to know more.